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Menu App

The application and its system are 100% free

the menu app system is a 100% free without any fees that the restaurant or the user needs to pay. .

Safe and confirmed orders:

You will not communicate with any fictitious restaurants and no fictitious request will be sent to any restaurant because our system is protected and monitored and no one can hack into your data or know anything about it. .

Review restaurants

All existing restaurants will appear to any user in the vicinity of their area, with the ability to search for any restaurant by city, country, and name. .

Food menu

Many details about any meal in addition to the possibility of controlling components (increase, reduce, cancel). .

Order Tracking

A tracking system for orders so that you can find out what is the status of your order (received, processed, under delivery ...). .

Free chat system

a free chat system will be available between the user and the restaurant in an easy way to use. .

Evaluation System

By following the stages of your order you can evaluate each stage as well as evaluating the food and services to be seen by all users. .

Link to Hesabate

the system can be linked to Hesabate to access an integrated management financial system. .